Looking Back (5)

These concluding selections from photographer Emilie Keas’ treasury of park photos show some of the most familiar birds and small mammals. Both of the bottom photos are of the same animal taken from different angles. It’s rare for one of these shy underground habitants to stay on the surface long enough to have two photos taken. These photos date from 2016 and 2019, except for the Ground Squirrel photos which were taken two weeks ago.

If you have park photos taken recently or in the distant past but never thought about publication, please gather them up and email them to info at chavezpark.org. You will get full credit for your work. People want to see them and people enjoy them.

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One thought on “Looking Back (5)

  • The ears, snout, eyes, more robust/short whiskers, and foot (toes and toenails) of the “Burrowing mammal, possibly Vole” strongly suggest that it is a Pocket Gopher.

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