Highline Kites

The Highline Kites mobile emporium

Highline Kites is a mobile emporium that sells kites for every skill level from tots to stunt and power experts.  Some of its kites don’t even have to fly (see bottom photo this page).  The nice people at Highline Kites are also generous with advice and troubleshooting.  The kite truck is there in the parking circle just about every day of kite flying weather.  Highline also does a brisk business in its online store, here.

Every summer, Highline Kites puts on the best and biggest show in Cesar Chavez Park: the Kite Fest.  Tens of thousands of people turn out for this colorful, well-organized and free event, and hundreds of kites go up in the air — everything from napkin sized DIY kites to elaborate giant octopus, sea monsters, and cartoon characters.

The Kite Fest went on hiatus during the pandemic.  Then the City decided that the event cost the City too much money, and the event has not been held since, its long term fate in doubt.

Last word: Kite Fest Not Dead Yet

Kite Fest 2018 – Photo Gallery

Big crowds gather for annual free Kite Fest

Kite Fest 2017 — Photo Gallery

Not all kites fly in the air; some are for petting

Kite Fest 2015 — Photo Gallery

View of Kite Lawn 2010

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