A Painter’s Park Creatures

Mouse over a creature to see its name. Click on the creature for a chance to hear its song and read about it. Details and credits below.

Artist Bill Reynolds of Minnesota made this painting of selected creatures in our park at the invitation of the Chavez Park Conservancy. He visited here and walked the park several times in composing this artwork. Major credit for initiating, coordinating and curating the artwork goes to Emilie Keas of Berkeley, a longtime park visitor. We are grateful to the Macaulay Library of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and its contributors for the use of about a dozen birdsong audio files. The remaining audio files were recorded here in the park. To see more bird species, see the Bird List here. For more bugs, see the Bug List. Or check out every post about wild mammals in the park. Currently we lack in-park photos of the Dark-eyed Junco and the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Please contribute such photos if you have them.

2 thoughts on “A Painter’s Park Creatures

  • What a treat! I’d seen the Minnesota painting and had felt rather jealous. How wonderful we now have one of our own! Thanks so much to everyone involved, and major congratulations.

  • Great work of art.Congratulations to all

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