List of Bugs in Cesar Chavez Park

ImageCommon NameScientific NameOrderFamilyLinks
Anise SwallowtailPapilio zelicaonLepidopteraPapilionidaeIn Chavez Park
AphidAphidoidea sp.HemipteraAphidoideaIn Chavez Park
Black-tailed BumblebeeBombus melanopygusHymenopteraApidaeIn Chavez Park
Cabbage WhitePieris rapaeLepidopteraPieridaeIn Chavez Park
Checkered BeetleEnoclerus eximiusColeopteraCleridaeIn Chavez Park
Checkered SkipperBurnsius communisLepidopteraHesperiidaeIn Chavez Park
Clear-winged GrasshopperCamnula pellucidaOrthopteraAcrididaeIn Chavez Park
Devil's Coach Horse BeetleOcypus olensColeopteraStaphylinidaeIn Chavez Park
European mantisMantis religiosaMantodeaMantidaeIn Chavez Park
HoverflySyrphidae sp.DipteraSyrphidaeIn Chavez Park
Ichneumon WaspIchneumonid sp.HymenopteraIchneumonidaeIn Chavez Park
Convergent Lady BeetleHippodamia convergensColeopteraCoccinellidaeIn Chavez Park
Meadow SpittlebugPhilaenus spumariusHemipteraAphrophoridaeIn Chavez Park
Mediterranean Seed BugXanthochilus saturniusHeteropteraRhyparochromidaeiNaturalist
Miserable Mining BeeAndrena miserabilisHymenopteraAndrenidaeIn Chavez Park
Potato MiridClosterotomus norwegicusHemipteraMiridaeIn Chavez Park
Red-backed Jumping SpiderPhidippus johnsoniAraneaeSalticidaeIn Chavez Park
Sandhill SkipperPolites sabuletiLepidopteraHesperiidaeIn Chavez Park
SpiderAraneae sp.
Spotted Cucumber BeetleDiabrotica undecimpunctataColeopteraChrysomelidaeIn Chavez Park
Thistle-head WeevilRhinocyllus conicusColeopteraCurculionidaeIn Chavez Park
Tufted GlobetailSpaerophoria contiguaDipteraSyrphidaeIn Chavez Park
Variable CheckerspotEuphydryas chalcedonaLepidopteraNymphalidaeIn Chavez Park
Variegated MeadowhawkSympetrum corruptumOdonataLibellulidaeIn Chavez Park
West Coast LadyVanessa annabellaLepidopteraNymphalidaeIn Chavez Park
Western Tiger SwallowtailPapilio rutulusLepidopteraPapilionidaeIn Chavez Park
Western YellowjacketVespula pensylvanicaHymenopteraVespidaeIn Chavez Park
Monarch ButterflyDanaus plexippusLepidopteraNymphalidaeIn Chavez Park
Large Marble ButterflyEuchloe ausonidesLepidopteraPieridaeIn Chavez Park
March Fly (Bibionid)Bibionid sp.DipteraBibionidaeIn Chavez Park
Long-horned BeeMelissodes sp.HymenopteraApidaeIn Chavez Park
European HoneybeeApis melliferaHymenopteraApidaeIn Chavez Park
Tachinid FlyTachinid sp.DipteraTachinidaeIn Chavez Park
Yellow-faced BumblebeeBombus vosnesenskiiHymenopteraApidaeIn Chavez Park
Harvestman (Daddy Longlegs)Opilion sp.ArachnidsOpilionidaeIn Chavez Park
Mourning Cloak Nymphalis antiopaLepidopteraNymphalidaeIn Chavez Park

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One thought on “List of Bugs in Cesar Chavez Park

  • This is obviously an automated translation into Spanish. There are many errors that make it difficult to understand, such as:

    espectáculo (noun) = spectacle/show
    instead of
    mostrar (verb) = to display, show

    I’m not sure that offering such a “Spanish” version is helpful in any way. I would ask for volunteers to translate pages instead. Editing a poorly translated page is twice the amount of work.

    Perhaps you could ask for the collaboration of Spanish-speaking biodiversity enthusiasts!

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