Looking Back (1)

Photographer Emilie Keas has been taking pictures in the park for more than seven years but never thought to publish them. Now, after considerable persuasion, she has agreed to share her pictures with viewers of this site. Today’s collection includes sunset pictures. We have great sunset views in the park, and here’s a sample. These photos date to 2017 and 2016.

If you, too, have a collection of park photos but have been too modest to think of publishing, please get in touch: info at chavezpark.org.

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3 thoughts on “Looking Back (1)

  • Thanks for your kind words, Sheila and Richard, and a special thank you to Martin Nicolaus without whom chavezpark.org and the Conservancy itself wouldn’t exist

  • Beautiful pictures. Thank you Emilie!! We just returned and there is no place to be that is more lovely than the park post-rain.

  • My thanks to Emilie for these lovely photos. And thanks to the Conservancy for all you do, including our daily photos.

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