Frida Strikes Again

“Take care of the rivers and seas,” by self-styled anonymous artist “Frida” as seen 4/24/22

The disciple of Frida Kahlo who made her debut in the park with an angry outburst earlier this month (“Angry Artwork,” Apr 5 2022) has struck again, this time with a tiny diorama urging us to care for our planet. Mounted on a flat shoreline stone on the west side, just north of the parking circle, the piece is a foot-long miniature wetland with make-believe water, shrubbery, and tiny people. At the center sits a stone with “cuida de los Rios y MARES” in black lettering — “Take care of the rivers and seas.” Off to the right side is a smaller stone with “Take care of the planet” in English.

Detail of the miniature diorama

This piece shows great attention to detail, with tiny red flowers and several kinds of moss or lichen standing in for shrubbery. Costumed people the size of jellybeans look on. The wetland in the center is executed with realistic gravel and tiny sunken logs. A good amount of thought, care, and skill went into making it.

How long this diorama will keep its fragile detailwork in the rough environment of the park remains to be seen. The kitten sculpture that was a part of the artist’s first piece disappeared in a day or two.

“Frida” also posted an additional new work on another stone just north of the diorama. This one shows a woman’s face with a crown of blossoms. A legend in Spanish off to the side begins with the words “Pies para que los …” –“Feet so that the …” but the rest I could not read as the artist put on the varnish before the ink of the lettering was dry, and it ran. This piece shows the artist in a hurry, and the portrait lacks the precision and detail of “Frida’s” debut installation earlier this month. It may be that “Frida” has already peaked and her career is on the wane.

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4 thoughts on “Frida Strikes Again

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  • Frida’s artist is a wonderful addition to the hidden treasures offered by Cesar Chavez park!! Thank you for discovering and immortalizing her in prose!

  • ” It may be that “Frida” has already peaked and her career is on the wane.”

    I don’t think so… in Dec 2021, Gerardo Alquicira Zariñán wrote of Frida:

    Frida Kahlo tenía un don extraordinario para sintetizar la fuerza simbólica de la pintura y la magia transformadora de la poesía; a menudo, su trazo se metamorfoseaba en escritura y sus palabras se presentaban como una poderosa y entrañable alegoría visual. Contemplar su trabajo es enfrentarse a una conjunción insólita de la palabra y la imagen: de tal modo están imbricados este par de elementos en su arte, que sus metáforas visuales no pueden aprehenderse en todo su esplendor si obviamos la base verbal que sustenta su símbolo, de la misma forma en la que su escritura únicamente puede entregar su secreto si se presenta con el rostro sagaz de su caligrafía.

    Perhaps “our Chavez Park Frida” is using the metaphor of F. Kahlo effectively to send a message of concern about our Bay ?

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