How Can I Help?

Stewardship Day in the Native Plant Area in February 2021

Conservancy volunteers regularly go into the park on Stewardship Days. The main work in Stewardship Days recently has been to nurture the new Native Pollinator Plant Habitat in the Native Plant Area. In late 2021 and 22, we planted more than 100 native plants in this area. Details. When they mature they’ll take care of themselves, but early on they need our help. First of all, they need water during the dry months. And then they need protection from aggressive weeds. We have equipment, tools, gloves and know-how to help these plant babies get established. Watch for announcements of upcoming Stewardship Days, or send an email to Bob Huttar, Volunteer Coordinator, to indicate that you’re willing to help.

Here’s our track record of Stewardship Days in the Native Plant Area. Click on the link to see story and pictures of each event.

Other opportunities to help include taking photos of wildlife, plants, sunsets, or other interesting topics in the park; forward them to If your photos are published you’ll get full credit. Do you have artwork relating to the park? Send it in! Or report observations, suggestions, comments, complaints or other thoughts (for publication or not) to the same email address.

Lunch after Stewardship morning in Native Plant Area in November 2022

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