About the Chavez Park Conservancy

Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park is a wonderful place.  Chavezpark.org is the voice of the Chavez Park Conservancy, a nonprofit community of people who love the park. The Conservancy fills the long-standing need for an organization dedicated to the whole of the park, all 90 acres of it.

Conservancy Members are curious about the many features of the park, and educate themselves about its attractions and issues. They may spread the word to their friends and larger publics. They may become advocates for park improvements, such as better bathrooms.

A broad vision drives the Conservancy. In general, the Chavez Park Conservancy works to preserve all that is good about the park, all that is in the public interest, and all that serves to fulfill the motto “Parks make life better.” Toward that end, the Conservancy works to achieve improvements where clearly needed.  The Conservancy Vision Statement enumerates specific points of concern.

Expressing love for Cesar Chavez Park can take many forms.  For instance, as a Conservancy Member you might:

  • Visit the park often
  • Help to keep the park clean
  • Be a resource for people new to the park
  • Observe park rules
  • Respect and protect wildlife
  • Work to protect and improve the park
  • Appear at City events where park issues are discussed
  • Handle your dog in a responsible manner in the park
  • Share personal stories about the park and its history
  • Share photos and artwork about the park
  • Do anything else that expresses love for the park.

You can become a Conservancy Member by signing up on this website, click here. There is no cost to join. All Conservancy functions are performed by volunteers. When Conservancy activities require expenditures, you may be asked to contribute. The Conservancy has tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status through its membership in Berkeley Partners for Parks.

The Conservancy’s Board of Directors* consists of:

  • Carl Anthony, author, former Berkeley Planning Commission member
  • Jutta Burger, Senior Scientist, California Invasive Plant Council
  • Santiago Casal, Founder and Curator of Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar
  • Carol Denney, Berkeley Activist, Journalist, Musician
  • Mark Friedman, nonprofit leader, former Mayor of El Cerrito
  • Sheila Jordan, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Emerita
  • Norman La Force, Author, Sierra Club leader
  • Richard Walker, UC Berkeley Professor of Geography, Author

*Affiliations for identification only

  • Board Chairman: Norman La Force
  • CEO: Martin Nicolaus, webkeeper, chavezpark.org
  • Secretary: Jutta Burger
  • Treasurer: Lana Lew, retired Kaiser Permanente administrator

Whether you are a Conservancy Member or not, this website stands open to publish your photographs and opinions related to Cesar Chavez Park. Almost every post on this website permits comments. Anyone can use the Contact Form below to send a message to the webkeeper and, optionally, attach photos or other files. You can also subscribe to new blog posts as they are published without becoming a Conservancy Member; use the “Subscribe” form on the bottom right of the home page.

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