Angry Artwork

Antonymous new artwork on west side of park seen April 2 2022

Don’t dump your GF by text. At least not if she’s an artist. A new artist has left a strongly worded message to that effect in a small three-dimensional piece set on a big stone on the west edge of the park. Solidly cemented down, the work consists of three elements: a statue of a kitten executed in what looks like white soapstone, an epoxy-covered stone slab painted with the blossoms of dozens of wildflowers, and a larger stone slab with the face of a woman, who has another smaller face superimposed on her forehead. A message in Spanish to the right of the face says “Cuando ya no me quieres, dimelo en mi pinche cara,” which translates as “When you no longer love me, tell me to my fucking face.”

All three pieces are well done, showing an experienced hand. The kitten sculpture is smooth, well proportioned, and posed in a contemplative mode, as if the animal were looking at the face below. The slab with the flowers is so well done that my first impression was that it consisted of real flowers sealed in clear epoxy. The portrait of the woman shows the artistic influence of Frida Kahlo. There are some additional words on the edge along the top of the face, but because of glare and shadows I could only make out a probable “Frida” and “art.” I could see nothing resembling an artist’s signature.

P.S. April 4. The artwork did not survive the weekend. Someone broke off and removed the statue of the kitten. The rest remains.

Artwork on stone: overview, April 2. The location is about 50 yards north of the picnic area on the west side of the park.
Artwork up close
Artwork face detail
Detail of floral slab

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