A Gull Encounter

This adult Western Gull (red spot near tip of lower beak) was standing on a rock minding its own business.  Along comes a juvenile gull, checkered grey and brown, with a plaintive whiny call, and gets in the grown-up gull’s face.  The adult gull pulls back, looking surprised and annoyed, but waits to see what it’s all about.  The young gull, still cheeping plaintively, continues pleading.  Finally the adult gull has had enough, slips into the water and swims off.

What was going on here?  It looked like the juvenile gull was pleading to be fed.  But it was way past the sitting-in-the-nest-with-open-beak-waiting-for-mom-and-dad-to-feed-me stage.  It could fly and it was plenty big enough to feed itself.  MATWOB (Mysterious Are The Ways Of Birds).  If any reader has an educated narrative, please send it via the Contact Form.  Thank you.

It’s notoriously hard to tell one juvenile gull species from another.  Since the adult here was a Western Gull, it seems likely that the juvenile was the same.

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