Gull Gore (R)

This post is rated R for images that some people may find disturbing.

There was a cluster of gulls near shore this morning.  They occasionally pecked and flapped their wings at each other, but they were mostly quiet.  They seemed to have a system of some kind for taking turns.  At the center of the cluster, a gull had undisturbed possession of the carcass of another bird, probably a Mallard.  The gull tore and ripped and fed for a while, and then pulled away, and another gull took a turn.  This was very different from the wild feeding frenzy I’d observed on other occasions when there was a school of little fish near the surface.  At one point, a Brown Pelican paddled over to take a look.  The gulls took to the air briefly.  However, the carcass didn’t interest the Pelican, and it flew off.  A Pelagic Cormorant also came over and had a look, but left without participating.  I was impressed by the gulls’ relative civility and order in this feeding opportunity.  

White gull in center is feeding on carcass. Cormorant in lower right corner watches from a distance.
Gull feeding on carcass
Gulls take to the air as curious Pelican approaches

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