Gull Babies

Western Gull parent (Larus occidentalis) with three hatchlings

The other day I worried about the nest that a gull had built on the breakwater off the west side of the park. The wind could blow it away. I should have trusted the gull’s judgment. Not only did the nest survive, although a bit flattened, but the eggs hatched. Three chicks came out and all appear to be healthy and active. They seem to have a good family support system. I saw not only what I assume is the Mom, as in the video above, but also a probable Dad, plus what might be aunts and uncles gathering around. Food seems to be plentiful. Dad brought a minnow-size fish. That portion is too big for these chicks. Mom or sometimes Dad will swallow the item, digest it a bit, and then regurgitate a mash for the chicks. As I filmed above, the chicks didn’t act hungry. They’re already flapping their little stubs of wings, copying Mom. It will take six to seven weeks before they can actually fly.

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