Owl Flies

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Jan 26 2023

This morning, Thursday Jan 26, the Burrowing Owl chose Perch A for its spot. Owl spotter Mary Law saw it there at 8, and it was still there when I set up my camera at 9:30. As usual, I focused my long lens on the bird, started recording video, and walked away. I had a chore to do at the “ghost” road, where the wind had once again torn down the signs. When I returned and checked the camera, it was still focused on the spot, but the owl was no longer there. I waited another 15 minutes, but the bird did not return. When I got the camera home and reviewed the footage, it looked ordinary to begin with. The owl gave some deep yawns, and did some preening. But then, around 9:45, the owl saw something toward the south that upset it, and it took flight. The camera caught the first wing beats of its takeoff. Since the camera was running unattended, there is no record of where it went. It did not go immediately to Perch B; I checked that at the time.

I expect that it will return to one of its habitual perches. Unfortunately my schedule today didn’t have room for a return visit to the park. If you saw it today after 9:45 a.m. please send me a text at 510-717-2414 or an email at info@chavezpark.org, preferably with photos. Thank you.

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One thought on “Owl Flies

  • Drama! What happened to the owl?! Will it be seen tomorrow?!
    The suspense is killing me! I hope it’s ok!

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