No Sanctuary

The decorative fence that marks the intended Burrowing Owl Sanctuary on the northeast corner of the park proved ineffective once again as a pair of medium size dogs, unlawfully left off leash by their owners, easily invaded and roamed in the protected area.

The first dog slipped between the wires of the fence. The second leaped the cement wall at a point where the wire fence does not extend.

It would be easy and inexpensive to mount a temporary green plastic garden fence to stop these invasions. This column has been advocating such a remedy for several years. A decade ago, Golden Gate Audubon Society volunteers took it upon themselves to erect this kind of protection when owls were present, and management cooperated. Parks management today appears unconcerned with the peril to the Burrowing Owls and will tear down effective fencing if built.

How many Burrowing Owls are going to settle on the meadow of the sanctuary if it gets overrun by roaming carnivores?

The incident in the video also exposes the fiction of “voice control.” The owners repeatedly called and gestured to the dogs to come out of the area. The dogs ignored them and went in deeper. Voice is no substitute for the leash.

Dogs inside Burrowing Owl Sanctuary

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