Yay! Hydrant Fixed.

Fire standpipe repaired October 28, broken since at least August 6

The fire hydrant on the southeast corner of the park, out of commission with a leak since before August 6, has been repaired. It only took eleven weeks, a big improvement over the ten months spent on a similar job on the other side of the park.

Now, how much extra effort would it have cost to repaint the standpipe and get rid of those graffiti that have been up there forever?

I have to admit I don’t get Berkeley City maintenance. How many home owners would wait eleven weeks for a plumber to repair a leaky water line at their house? The plumber who delayed even one week would be out of a job. But on City jobs, eleven weeks seems normal, even fast. It probably would have taken even longer if not for the fire emergency that made the City look bad sitting there with a dead hydrant.

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