Kite Experts Show Off in Park

With a perfect westerly breeze blowing Friday afternoon, Kite expert Stephen Darling and his grown-up daughter Christina came back to Cesar Chavez Park where they had flown kites many times when Christina was a little kid. Darling now lives in Sacramento.  He credits Tom McAllister, owner of Highline Kites, with encouraging him in the kite flying sport. 

During the kite sequence sampled in this video, Steve was listening to and dancing the kite to a piece of music on his earbuds.  He has been flying stunt kites for about fifteen years.  It’s obvious that kite flying at this level is an intense physical workout as well as an artistic performance.  Steve’s movements are those of a dynamic orchestra conductor, only more so.  Daughter Christina’s kite can sometimes be seen in the background in this brief video excerpt.  

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