Little Brown Jobs

I’m not the only one who has trouble identifying some kinds of birds. These are known colloquially as “Little Brown Jobs,” and it takes a birder with a higher pay grade to tell what they are. The Merlin app thinks they’re Golden-crowned Sparrows, but I’m not sure. These are much smaller than the usual goldies (and also neater) and they haven’t got even a hint of a dab of yellow paint on their heads. I winnowed through dozens of photos of sparrows and could not come up with a convincing match. Dear reader, if you know for sure what these are, please use the Comment form below. Thank you!

One thought on “Little Brown Jobs

  • The bird on the right, at about 27 seconds, seems to flash a very modest splash of “golden”, and with its boldly-striped mantle, and with the acknowledged variability of the Golden-crowned Sparrow, it seems like a 1st winter example.

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