Kite Comfort

This White-tailed Kite, one of a pair, perched in a treetop in the forested grove that Charli Danielsen planted in the early 1980s on the west ridge of the park. Despite being under almost constant surveillance by a network of American Crows, this raptor and its companion seemed relaxed and comfortable, and attended to the always important business of preening. This pair has perched on one tall tree or another in this grove repeatedly in the past month (see, for example, High Pair), fueling speculation that they’re considering building a nest and raising a brood here. That would be a risky proposition, considering the disaster that the crows inflicted on a pair of kites nesting in the tall trees in the hotel parking lot last Spring. The kites certainly have the weapons to teach the crows a lesson, but for some reason they refrain from confrontation even when their chicks are in mortal danger.

The other member of the pair. White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus)

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