Dear Rashi: I am horrified

Dear Rashi:

I have been receiving daily postings about Cesar Chavez park for quite a while, about the migratory bird life there, the insects, the seasonal changes.. daily postings I never miss reading!   It is a wonderful and natural place now, inviting to so many species of plants and animals and humans. I walk there weekly with friends in all kinds of weather and am refreshed.. I am horrified to read today of the proposed changes to this lovely spot in the BMASP.  The massive changes being proposed are devastating. I cannot imagine what sort of mind would dream up all of these really dreadful and destructive ideas. Please put this plan back in its box with a lid tightly affixed.   Have the authors of this plan not heard of the rising levels of the ocean (and bay) due to climate change?   Best wishes to you…

Judith Thomas…1605 McGee Av, Berkeley 94703.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Rashi: I am horrified

  • I’ve heard that Rashi was behind hiring the “consultants” who came up with the Berkeley Marina Area Specific Plan – BMASP, transforming the park into a commercial money-maker. Can anyone tell us if this is true? And if it’s true, should we re-elect Rashi? I don’t think so.

  • Sorry. Rashi Kesarwani, Berkeley City Council member from District 1, which includes the park.

  • who is Rashi?

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