Equinox Celebration Coming Up

Autumn Equinox Gathering
Wednesday September 22, 6:15 – 7:15 pm
Sunset at 7:05
Where:  Solar Calendar at Cesar Chavez Park
Led by Rabbi David Cooper

 Where is it more appropriate to experience the moment when summer turns to fall than at the Solar Calendar in the Berkeley Marina which is a tribute to the Chicano labor and human rights leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta?  

Rabbi David Cooper blowing the shofar at Autumn Equinox celebration September 23 2019

David J. Cooper is greeting the first sunset of autumn with a talk on the purposes for and the challenges of creating calendars in the premodern age.

Why have calendars at all? Did they follow the rhythm of the moon or the sun or both?

What role did premodern observatories play in the establishment of calendar-time? We will discuss the legacy of Chavez and Huerta, and blow the shofar as the sun sets over Marin.

We are observing social distancing and are wearing masks.

In case of smoky air quality, the event will be cancelled.

Take University Ave. toward Berkeley Marina, turn right toward DoubleTree Hotel, then left on Spinnaker Way. Park at end of Spinnaker Way.

Follow path up to the Memorial Solar Calendar

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