Young Hawk

To the string of Red-tailed Hawks who have visited the park recently, add this first-year juvenile. A keen-eyed woman drew my attention to it when I approached the circle at the northwest corner. “What is that black and white bird on top of the bush over there?” she said. I had no idea but walked over to investigate. Sure enough, enthroned in the top of a small tree on the western ridge perched this bird with a dark head and a white breast.

Red-tailed Hawk

The bird soon took off and began hovering or kiting in the western breeze not far from its perch. For as long as I followed it with my lens, it did not find a reason to dive; eventually it flew off eastward. It’s a handsome bird, its youthfulness producing sharp contrasts in its feather coat seen from below.

I’m grateful to John Davis for the positive bird ID.

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