Young Great Blue on Kite Lawn

P1100462 (Custom)I haven’t seen “Oscar,” the battle-scarred hunk of a Great Blue Heron, for a couple of years, at least.  But a Great Blue who may be Oscar’s offspring took possession of the kite lawn next to the circle at the end of Spinnaker Way this afternoon, and nobody messed with it.  Judging by its relatively slender size and lack of scars, this is a youngster.  It seemed to know where its meals live.  Many a gopher on the kite lawn and nearby has had cause (but not much time) to regret poking its nose above ground.  The big bird apparently feels and hears the vibrations of the little mammal scurrying underground, and often manages to be in the right spot.  But not while I was watching this afternoon.  The Great Blue seems to prefer gophers here.  I’ve never seen one go after the ground squirrels.

P1100484 (Custom)

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