Yellow Eyebrows

The yellowish spot over the eye marks this little windblown creature as a Savannah Sparrow, so named because the naturalist who put it in the books found it near Savannah, Georgia. I’m guessing it’s part of the little flock of them that I saw a few days later atop the fence surrounding the flare station:

Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis)

Last spring, a number of these birds nested in the tall vegetation just south of the flare station on the east side of the park. It took a concerted effort to save their lives; see “Saved From Mower.” This year, Parks has mowed that area flat before breeding season and nobody is likely to nest there. Or if they do, it’s not a safe place. I wasn’t able to determine where these sparrows were going when they weren’t sitting on the fence.

If I had my druthers, I would let more vegetation grow and do less mowing in the park to provide more and better quality habitat for wildlife.

Savannah Sparrow juvenile (Passerculus sandwichensis)

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