World Toilet Day Nov. 19

phlush.pngWorld Toilet Day — no joke — is Nov. 19, according to, the website of Public Restroom Advocates in Portland OR.  Thanks to Viva reader Gradiva C. for pointing me to this resource.  Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human is their motto, and they feature a variety of data collections and stories about the importance of public restrooms in human civilization.

One story that caught my eye was Staying Human Through Hygiene While Houseless.  This details a San Francisco project to bring restrooms and showers to homeless people aboard a retired Muni bus.  The writers point out that “Personal hygiene makes all the difference in whether a person can attend to business, look for work, go to class, and the like.”  Worth reading.


One thought on “World Toilet Day Nov. 19

  • Kudos for your initiative!

    Are your celebrating World Toilet Day? Please post information with link to your petition and any other events to the United Nations World Toilet Day site and the Urgent Run site of the World Toilet Organization

    Share your info with us , too, at info At phlush DOT org and we’ll tweet it out. Good luck

    Please consider submitting a guest post for our blog. From now until the end of December we will be focussing on public toilet provision.

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