Work Done and To Do

The Peace Symbol on the northwest corner hilltop of the park suffered damage a few weeks ago when someone pulled up one of the sheets of weedblock fabric that underlies the mulch, and dislocated several stones. See top left photo. On Sunday Sept. 26, a crew consisting of family and friends of Asa Scholz, the young man to whom the bench at the head of the symbol is dedicated, made the repair. It wasn’t that hard, but one of the other sheets of weedblock appears to have vanished altogether. The matter will need further attention when the rainy season, if there is one, brings out the weeds again.

On the To Do List is the graffiti issue. For many months there has been graffiti (a) on the fence surrounding the Flare Station and (b) on some of the stones along the west and north sides of the park. I asked the Marina Superintendent via email weeks ago to donate some green paint and a roller, and Chavez Park Conservancy volunteers would happily provide the labor to clean up the graffiti on the Flare Station fence. After some interval I received a response that someone from the maintenance crew would contact me about it, but that has not happened. In the next week or two, I would like to recruit one or two volunteers to help me paint over the graffiti on the fence. The Conservancy will pay for the paint and rollers as a donation to the City. If you would like to help please use the Contact form. Thank you.

Then we need to get some gray paint and cover up the truly awful graffiti on the stones. It would be better to sandblast the graffiti away but portable sandblast equipment does not seem available for rent and is prohibitively expensive to purchase. If anyone has a better idea please advise. Thank you.

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