Windy day

The weather forecast predicted wind of about 25 mph with gusts of up to 35 mph. The blow was hard enough to where I had to hold on to my camera tripod to keep it upright. The whole Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge right up to the North Basin was a riot of whitecaps. The swells ran deep enough to stir up the bottom mud, turning the whole surface brown instead of its calmer blue or grey. The Open Circle Viewpoint held back the northwesterly wind, creating a pocket of relative calm. Hundreds of Scaup took advantage to huddle there and wait it out. Great numbers of big grebes, mostly Clark’s but also some Western, rode the bouncy waves further out, always facing into the wind. Whitecaps didn’t faze them; they’ve undoubtedly experienced much rougher water. Land-based birds, on the other hand, mostly hid out in some protected corner. Even the Barn Swallows, who have appeared here in the past week or two, stayed mostly out of sight; the wind grounded most of the flying bugs that are the swallows’ diet.

North side of park on windy day

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  • I love reading your comments about life at the Marina. I learn a lot from them.

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