Wildfire Training

Berkeley Fire Department tanker truck

Ten new recruits to the Berkeley Fire Department worked to earn their wildfire certification during a training exercise in the southeast corner of the park on August 23. The exercise required hooking up a hose to a water source, wetting a path that could serve as a fire boundary, then patching a second hose into the circuit to extend the range. The first team shown in the video had little trouble with the task. The other team fought a balky connector and lost time before completing the hookup and moving forward. The water came from the department’s tanker truck. The red standpipe not far from the department’s trucks that looks like a hydrant for fire fighting stood unused. A training supervisor told me that the pipe was dry and that East Bay Mud had been notified to repair it. (This is the fixture that sprang a leak and was supposedly repaired in October 2019.)

Some of the trainees in the wildfire exercise

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