Wigeons of the World

Eurasian Wigeons (Mareca penelope) and American Wigeons (Mareca americana). Video by James Kusz.

This meeting between American Wigeons and Eurasian Wigeons, captured by photographer James Kusz, documents an amazing juncture of migrants. The American Wigeon (with green on the sides of the head) comes from breeding grounds in Northwestern Canada and Alaska. The Eurasian Wigeon (rusty red head) probably flew here across the Pacific Ocean from its breeding grounds in Siberia. Yet they found one another.

And they manage to do it with some regularity, as I’ve filmed them this past February (“Finally Wigeons” February 15 2021) and in January three years earlier (“A Wigeon From Far Away”  ). Occasionally their togetherness goes beyond companionship and little American/Eurasian hybrids emerge.

The Eurasian wigeon has an amazing winter range, being seen not only in the Scandinavian countries, in Britain, and in Western Europe, but also Central Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, North and Northeast Africa, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Pacific Islands.

Eurasian Wigeons (Mareca penelope) and American Wigeons (Mareca americana). Screenshot from video by James Kusz.

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