Where have all the blackbirds gone?

Blackbirds, Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley
Blackbirds, Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley

Three weeks ago in this space I waxed enthused about the arrival of a handful of red-winged blackbirds.  In years past they have taken over the northwest quarter of the park and turned it into a combination nursery and aerial rodeo, obvious to eye and ear.  This afternoon I learned (once again) not to count on the past repeating itself.  The handful of blackbirds from earlier this month may have been a scouting party, and for reasons known only to themselves, decided to go elsewhere, all but one or two nostalgic types.

Have all the usual blackbirds gone somewhere else?  Or has there been a problem with the blackbird population?  Or are they simply waiting for some environmental signal, the blooming of something of importance to them, before returning?

If you have a clue, won’t you post a comment?  Thanks.

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