Wet Again

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Jan. 9 2023

A bit after 9 this Monday morning, the Burrowing Owl was definitely wet. Unlike the past two mornings, when the bird had sheltered from the overnight deluges and emerged to daylight fluffy and dry, the owl had the look of having just stepped out of a long shower. According to estimates, more than 2 inches fell during the night from Sunday to Monday. More was scheduled to fall tomorrow. Now the bird took advantage of the lull and worked diligently to dry off. During the half hour that my video camera ran unattended, the bird repeatedly shook itself, stretched, and preened. At the same time, it remained alert, reacting with raised head to events around it, including a bicyclist passing with music, which the bird may not ever have heard before. Because of the bird’s high level of activity, my highlights video is longer than usual.

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3 thoughts on “Wet Again

  • Spectacular video MARTY, spectacular! You’re doing such a wonderful job, I’m a bit intimidated to show up with a camera!

  • beyond spectacular. thank you. beats every outfit worn to the Met Gala to date. wow!

  • wonderful video!! s(he) expressed all our wishes to dry off from the rain!

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