Weed Squad at Work

Chavez Park Conservancy volunteer stewards at work in Native Plant Area on Saturday April 10 2021

Kikuyu grass and other invasives took a hit Saturday as half a dozen Chavez Park Conservancy volunteers got to work in the Native Plant Area, the forested grove on the west ridge of the park established with native California plants in the early 1980s. Kikuyu grass, we can say from first hand experience, is a formidable piece of work. We pulled out thick strands of it that stretched five feet long. We saw what had been a young evergreen completely overgrown and killed by the invasive weed. We quickly piled up waist-high mountains of it, as in the photo above. We worked for about two hours. In that time we made a visible dent. We helped a good number of Purple Sage, Ceanothus, and Coyote Bush get free of life-threatening invasives. However, there’s plenty more work to do. Please watch this space for announcements of more upcoming stewardship opportunities. Bob Huttar, Volunteer Coordinator, expressed gratitude to Jacob Several, Parks Department landscape gardener supervisor, for paperwork clearance and for a commitment to have staff pick up the piles we made.

Top left and bottom: Volunteers knee-deep in Kikuyu grass. Top right: Blue Ceanothus after relief from invasive pressure. Below that: Evergreen overcome and killed by Kikuyu. Below that: Trash found among the weeds.

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