Weed & Seed Day 10/26

Updated October 16

The Berkeley Project, a group that brings UC Berkeley students as volunteers into Berkeley community endeavors, is holding its annual event on Saturday, October 26.

This year, I’ve applied for student volunteers to help with healing the scars in the earth left by the Rip-Rap Rehab Project this past June. (See the video and the posts for background.) This project stripped the vegetation from a sizeable stretch of dirt located between the shoreline rocks (the rip-rap) and the paved perimeter trail on the southeast side of the park.

The stripped area has an orange construction fence around most of it, which has reduced foot traffic. At this writing, it remains mostly bare, but already a few fennel, wild mustard, curly dock and other ruderals are coming up there. If there is rain, by late October there will be many more. If not checked, they will dominate the site.

The project consists of uprooting these invaders and seeding the area with native wildflowers. Berkeley Project has confirmed that six, possibly as many as nine student volunteers will show up for the project. We will supply seeds, a weed wrench, planting sticks, and lunches.

This will be a Chavez Park Conservancy endeavor. Conservancy members and friends are cordially invited to participate along with UC student volunteers in this Weed&Seed day. With timely rains, by springtime this entrance to the park will be ablaze with wildflowers.

Part of the post-construction area on September 4, showing weeds starting to populate the stripped ground.

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