Weed and Discover

Weeding and discovering in the park April 10 2014

The next opportunity for hands-on park stewardship is this coming Saturday April 24, Chavez Park Conservancy Volunteer Coordinator Bob Huttar has announced. He reports that the areas we have been working in are showing good results. The Parks Department has committed to helping us with the problem of getting rid of the piles we create and will remove them. Yay! We’ll meet as usual at 9 a.m. at the parking circle at the west end of Spinnaker Way, and work until about 11 or 11:30. We’ll be pulling up Kikuyu grass and hemlock; we may also curb Himalayan blackberry and other exotic invasives as may be needed. Gloves, clippers, loppers and horii-horis are all useful.

Our stewardship outings are also voyages of discovery. On our March 13 outing, volunteers found a previously unseen species of California salamander. On our April 10 outing, we — or more accurately, ace naturalist Jutta Burger — discovered two plants new to our Chavez Park Plant Census. One of them is the California Mugwort, the other is Fumitory. Both are the stuff of traditional medicinal legends. Check out the details on this website here. Please join us on Saturday April 24. Maybe we’ll make more discoveries as we weed.

P.S. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Chavez Park Conservancy doesn’t endorse or oppose legislation. But it’s within our scope to provide information about legislation of interest. Tomorrow being Earth Day — but shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? — here is a link to a page by the Audubon Society with information about the California Right to Nature Act, soon to have its first hearing in Sacramento.

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