Way Early

Narcissus/Daffodil (Narcissus sp.)

I walked the Berkeley Meadow wondering whether the rain had formed big ponds and the ponds had attracted migrating ducks, as we saw there in March 2017. I saw ponds, but not on the scale of 2017, and saw no waterfowl on them. I did see this super-early stand of Narcissus (aka Daffodil) just across the fence along the Virginia Street Extension. Going back through the chavezpark.org archives, I find the very earliest narcissus here on January 10 (in 2019). In 2018 the first showed up on January 29. In 2020, January 26. In ’21, February 7. Of course I don’t see everything the day it blooms, so these dates are all tardy and a bit loose. But the thick stand in the Meadow, in the photo above, bloomed already in the last week of December, a time of unusually cold temperatures. What’s going on?

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2 thoughts on “Way Early

  • The paperwhite narcissus that have spread in my yard in W. Berkeley have already finished their bloom this year! Seems way early to me.

  • Happy New Year! and thank you for all your hard work. Very much appreciated.
    Perhaps a result of climate change creeping in. When the tides come in we witness but the rise of water table goes mostly unnoticed. Early blooming could be a result of it but I could be wrong.
    Thanks for the flowers! love Daffodils!

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