Watering the Plant Babies

All babies need nutrition, and plant babies are no exception. Chavez Park Conservancy volunteers planted nearly 40 California native plants last fall in gaps in the Native Plant Area. The winter rains got them started, but that’s not enough. With the dry weather we’ve been having, these young plants need human help to grow to the point where they’re established and can take care of themselves. A small group of Conservancy volunteers turned out two weeks ago to water the plants and another group showed up Sunday June 26 for the same. Among the participating volunteers were Jutta Burger, Helen Canin, Carlene Chang, Clyde Crosswhite, Bob Huttar, Marty Nicolaus, and Dave Wilson. We filled up 5-gallon canisters at the tap by the picnic area just east of the Native Plant Area and walked the water to the thirsty plants. Volunteers also pulled and clipped weeds that were encroaching on the new plantings. We were happy to see that almost all the original plantings not only survived but were thriving.

We have hopes to get a water connection closer to most of the plantings so that we can clip on a hose and skip lugging heavy canisters. If you would like to participate in these and similar stewardship activities, please contact Bob Huttar, Volunteer Coordinator.

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