Wanderer at Rest

Wandering Tattler (Tringa incana) by Jack Hayden

Photographer Jack Hayden caught this individual at a moment when it was neither wandering nor tattling. It normally maintains high alert and may be the first bird in the location to give warning of danger, hence the “tattler” name. As for wandering, this species has an enormous range, from the northern mountains in Alaska and northwest Canada to Australia and myriads of tiny islands in the southwest Pacific. One constant in all its travels is water. When breeding up north, it stays near mountain streams, and finds its food in their shallows. Elsewhere, it’s a bird of the shoreline, happy wherever waves meet land. Jack’s picture, with a mild splash of Bay surf as background, is absolutely typical of the tattler’s preferred habitat. The last photo of this species on chavezpark.org dates to August 2012.

Read more about it: Wikipedia Audubon Cornell

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