Very Cautious Owl Still Here

The very cautious Burrowing Owl first spotted on November 2, and then not seen on November 4 and 5, was back at midday on November 6, occupying the well-marked rock that was previously the week-long roost of Owl No. 4.  This location is on the edge of the water behind a heavy but not impenetrable screen of fennel, about 200 yards west of the designated Burrowing Owl area.  I was happy and surprised to see this owl back.  This bird appeared extremely vigilant, compared to previously seen owls.  It could not be approached within 30 feet without taking evasive action.  Because there is at times a great deal of traffic on the perimeter path, the bird seemed unlikely to remain very long.  However, it was here for now.  A sharp-eyed observer who knows what to look for may be able to spot it from the path through the heavy vegetation at certain angles.

Update: This owl was still present in the afternoon of November 7, but was not seen on November 8 or after.

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