Unidentified Floating Object x3

The UFO that I spotted a few days ago floating near the Schoolhouse Creek outfall was still afloat this morning.  Two additional and nearly identical contraptions had meanwhile come ashore near the creek’s culvert.  Each consists of a triangular wooden frame about four feet long and two feet abeam, with a wooden pyramidal frame above, screened in on all three sides.  Inside the base is a foamlike substance, possibly styrofoam, possibly organic, which serves as foundation for a variety of plants, most of them now dead.  These watercraft bear no identifying information. This looks like a science experiment testing the feasibility of floating gardens.  Anyone?

P.S. May 14: The low tide this morning has left the floating object grounded on a mud bank.  Curious sea gulls gathered round to inspect it.  (Pic below)


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