Time and Tide

Watching the tide come in is only slightly more exciting than watching grass grow or paint dry. But through the wizardry of time lapse photography, the water’s advance can have some of the thrill of drama. This 50-second video by veteran photographer James Kusz makes the point:

Incoming tide in North Basin July 7 2020. Video © 2020 James Kusz.

James comments:

After viewing it, it reminds me of my life. Tides march so slowly it’s easy to not notice time passing – youth, family, kids grow up and leave home, retirement. It passes unnoticed and under appreciated. Seeing the time lapse is a perspective I have now of how it passed so quickly, people and events blur, and here I am an old man by the water watching the tide sneak in. 
I did it yesterday from ~ 9am to 10:30 am and wanted to try the time lapse on my camera. I took 1400 images at 3 seconds apart.
Digital cameras are fun and amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Time and Tide

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  • James,
    Thank you for giving the time to share the Time!
    Like too many things, it become more valued the less of it there is left.

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