This is Site Service?

United Site Services truck went off pavement and gouged the earth on the south side of the park

Kudos to United Site Services for promptly replacing the porta-potty in the dog park, toppled by Sunday’s atmospheric river storm. But boo on United Site Services for going off pavement and gouging the earth near the south side porta-potties. These ugly scars will remain for a long time. We protested when a handful of teenage bicyclists scarred the wet soil on a nearby hillside, “Two-Wheel Vandalism” December 14 2019. This here is vandalism by truck. What makes it worse is that the truck owner is under contract with the City to service the porta-potties. The contract doesn’t include language specifically forbidding destruction of City property, but it’s certainly implied. It would be good to see the City display some backbone and summon Site Services and make them restore the area to its prior state, as much as possible.

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One thought on “This is Site Service?

  • i agree!! What a shame, and so unnecessary! Argh…I hate it when humans are so unaware.

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