This is Progress?

The abandoned construction job on February 7, 2018, minus tarp tent

The Berkeley Parks management continues to amaze me.   Just a week ago I posted a short item about the “pup tent for dirt” that has been sitting on the edge of the kite lawn since November, covering up a hole remaining after a work crew abandoned a digging job there in May 2017.  “When will this get fixed?” I asked in the item I posted a week ago.  Today, as I approached, I saw that the pup tent — really a big plastic tarp draped over a couple of plastic barriers — was gone.  Yay!  I thought.  They fixed it, finally!  But as I came closer, I saw that the only change was the disappearance of the tarp.  The holes and dirt piles and wooden sheet and pointless plastic barriers remained.  Nothing has been fixed.  Did Parks management repossess the tarp for another job?  Or did a needy person appropriate the tarp for human shelter?  In either case, Parks management deserves a kick in the rear end.  Abandoning a digging job without finishing it, and leaving holes and dirt piles, reveals a sorry level of incompetence on the part of management.  What would it cost to finish the job?  A lot less than it will cost when some kid falls in the hole and breaks a leg and splits their lip, and sues the City.  It’s been nine months, folks, since that job was started!  There is no excuse!  


The “pup tent for dirt” on January 31, 2018

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