The Owls Came Back: The Movie

When the Burrowing Owls arrived in the fall of 2018, I was there almost every day, photographing and filming, and posting daily. Between October ’18 and March ’19, I took more than 400 video clips of these fascinating birds.

Now I’ve selected the best of that material and put it together into a documentary film, titled “The Owls Came Back.”

  • See clips of the birds as they arrived, and see a map of their landings.
  • See how the owls interact with the ground squirrels, sometimes ignoring them, sometimes putting on fierce displays.
  • See an owl rotate its head an incredible 270 degrees, and measure their stress by how many times they turn their heads in a minute.
  • Watch the birds scratch, preen, stretch, fluff, and yawn.
  • Learn about their poop and pee and see them expel pellets.
  • Watch what these birds do in the rain, even in a heavy downpour, and be surprised!
  • See what happens to the birds when owners let their dogs off leash.
  • Hear park visitors’ emotions when they see the birds live and up close.

And if that isn’t enough coverage of the owls in the park, check out Max Brimelow’s excellent short video on Berkeleyside.

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