The Off Leash Movie (1)

Cesar Chavez Park is part of the City of Berkeley. Berkeley dog laws apply. Dogs must be on leash everywhere in the 90-acre park except in the 17-acre Off Leash Area.

Most dog owners get that. This movie is about the others. They’re out there every day breaking the law. They not only leave their dogs, they leave other things, like poop, holes, and dead wildlife. And sometimes they lose their dogs. The simple cure for these ills is the leash.

Part Two of the Off Leash Movie will cover the cases where the simple cure isn’t enough. Stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “The Off Leash Movie (1)

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  • Regarding your off leash movie. I’m a dog owner who follows the rules. Today I confronted 6 different dog owners whose dogs weren’t leashed where they should have been. In every case people said they didn’t know where the perimeter of the offleash area was, didn’t know the paths were off limits… I think we need a concerted education campaign and better markers, but I don’t buy that everyone is ignorant. My dog really needs this park to run off steam, where we don’t have to worry about coyotes and aggressive dogs. I hope we can get these scofflaws in line so that responsible dog owners can continue to use it.

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