The Missing Poppy Mystery

California poppies set open fields ablaze practically everywhere at this time of year.  Everywhere, that is, except in Cesar Chavez Park.  They’re about as rare in the park as Dutch Iris or Calendula or other gifts of some kind gardener.  I’ve looked in vain for them on many a hillside that would seem to have ideal growing conditions,  The state flower isn’t very picky.  Soil, sun, a drop of moisture — that’s about all it needs. All the requirements are abundant in the park.  But no poppies.  I had to go to the extreme outer ring, on the remote north side, to the cracks between the rocks that hold back the Bay tides, to find poppies blooming, in a few isolated pods. See photos below.  What is the problem? Why no poppies in the park?  

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