The High Price of Porta-Potties

Better Bathrooms Would Save Taxpayer Money

Some people think that porta-potties are cheap and save taxpayer money. True, the construction is cheap.  But the maintenance is rich. Especially long term. Currently, the City of Berkeley is paying a private company $315,000.00 for a three-year contract for porta-potty services.  Porta-potties have to be pumped out several times a week. That’s where the companies make their money and where the budget bleeds.  It’s a little like razor blades.  The razor is cheap.  The blades get you.  

Better bathrooms would be cheaper. New hybrid flush-vault toilets, like the ones that the National Park Service is installing, contain flush toilets and don’t smell.  They include water for washing your hands. They don’t require sewer hookups.  They run on solar power.  They can be installed for less than $50,000 each.  And they need pumping out only three or four times a year.  

Porta-potties are stinky and disgusting.  They discriminate against women, children, and the disabled.  They make Berkeley look bad.  They disrespect the name of Cesar Chavez.  And, on top of that, they’re a bad deal for the taxpayer.   

porta potty contractAbove: City pays $315,000.00 for porta-potty maintenance 
-- $105K per year -- a big waste of money. 
P1010374New hybrid flush-vault restroom recently installed by National Park Service 
in Pacifica costs less than $50,000, has flush toilet and sink, uses solar power, 
and needs pumping out only a few times a year. Berkeley would save money 
going this route.



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