Taking Care of Business

Parks staff is taking care of business regarding the graffiti problem. Here is Landscape Gardener Supervisor Jacob Several covering a a large spray-painted tag on a rock on the north side with gray paint. Overpainting natural features, where possible, is quicker and more economical than sandblasting. While not ideal, overpainting serves the important purpose of notifying taggers that their work will not persist. Graffiti that stays up for any length of time only encourages more graffiti. Killing the tag quickly, by whatever means, sends the perpetrators elsewhere. In time the paint will peel off, hopefully taking the underlying graffiti pigments with it, as sun, wind, and rain gradually restore the rock to its natural complexion. Paint flakes on the soil aren’t ideal, but the residue from sandblasting is hardly better. There’s no totally clean answer to tagging in the park once it has occurred. The best response is prevention.

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