Superfog and Supermoon

Had Cesar Chavez Park on my calendar for Monday morning, hoping to see the much-advertised supermoon setting in the west.  Found instead a superfog.  Fog isn’t exactly a stranger at this Marina location, but this fog could have won a medal at the county fair.  For a photographer, however — even a hobbyist like myself — fog is not an obstacle, it’s an opportunity.  Fog is a great labor saver in post-production. Getting rid of a cluttered background in Photoshop can take an hour or more of pixel picking when the foreground has small details like leaves, twigs, feathers, or hair.  The fog makes short work of all that. Comes the fog and presto!  No cluttered background to bother with.  Just a smooth gray-white backscreen.  The fog makes us appreciate our foreground, even if only as a frame for the vanishing fuzzy background.  Well, enough words.  Here’s some fog pix from Monday morning. After dark on Monday I went back to the park and, with the fog gone, snapped a shot of this planet’s planet.  If the Trump administration gets its way, that’s a preview of what our earth may look like before very long. 


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