Sunken Wreck

The sunken wreck in the North Basin left behind by Von Wendel. Photo Phil Rowntree.

Thanks to photographer Phil Rowntree and his remote-controlled airborne camera, we finally have a good picture of the wreck that the German bad boy Claus von Wendel left behind in the North Basin cove. Phil took advantage of the extreme low tide in the early evening of November 16 to capture this shot. Details about von Wendel and his revenge on the city for evicting him and his private flotilla of barges and boats are in an earlier post, here. Von Wendel apparently deliberately scuttled this small craft as an upraised middle finger for city authorities to remember him by. The wreck can be seen when the tide drops below about 2.5 feet. Tide level predictions are on the NOAA website. Cormorants appreciate the wreck as a perch for spreading their wings. City authorities, not so much. Harbor patrol have told me they would remove the wreck if it posed a hazard to navigation, but as there’s no navigation to speak of in the area, the wreck remains.

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