Sunday Bird Walk Postponed

The bird walk scheduled for Sunday morning Oct. 13 has been postponed. Two reasons: (1) Out of the blue, the park scheduled a 5K-10K run for the same time, pre-empting all parking near the bird walk gathering point, and (2) No birds have arrived in quantity yet, migration being late this year. A Chronicle headline yesterday said that “Billions of Birds Headed for Bay Area,” due to winter weather in the Pacific Northwest, but they take a while to get here.

We are working on a new bird walk date, possibly Nov. 9 or Nov. 11, to be determined. Please stay tuned. Looking forward to a bird-rich and easy parking walk about a month from now.

Meanwhile, enjoy the birds that are here — check out this blog almost daily — and enjoy the fresh air and the scenery.

Silhouette of Double-crested Cormorant

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