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Jon Stewart in plein air project on shore of North Basin

Two artists were working outdoors on the edge of the North Basin on Sunday afternoon when I arrived at the park. One was Pete Najarian, whose work I’ve featured here previously, and who has been painting in the area for thirty years. Also putting brush to board was a relative newcomer, Jon Stewart, who advised that he has only been painting with acrylics a very short time. He has more experience with watercolors. Jon retired a couple of years ago after a long career with the S.F. Chronicle, where he most recently wrote editorials. He says his fondest wish for his painting is that fifty years from now, one of his grandchildren will have it on the wall and will say, “My grandfather painted this.”

Jon’s effort for the afternoon was nothing to be ashamed of:

Painting by Jon Stewart 4/14/2019

One thought on “Sunday Artist

  • I walk at the park at least once a week and I look forward to your postings. I love that we are getting to know the plants that live in the park. However, I am often confused about your explanations of where plants and animals are, such as today’s artist on the shore of North Basin–can’t figure out where he is (the trees at the back don’t make sense to me). Is there a map of Chavez Park with names of the places you mention (like the circular viewing area, for instance)? Anyway, thank you for doing the work that you do. Also, can I send you a photo of some birds in flight there for you to identify? My friend says they are egrets but I think not–maybe geese?

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